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Targeted Case Management

At COR Health, we offer a variety of Behavioral Health Services, customized to meet the needs of each individual client. We make the effort to meet each client where they are making a client’s values, perspectives, history and life goals our focus.   COR Health works with clients and their families to determine treatment that is individualized to provide optimal outcomes.

COR Health’s goal is to provide each family with quality services.  We believe that families deserve caring assistance as they work to navigate complex systems of care. Numerous times, youth and families find themselves struggling to navigate the multiple systems in place—whether it is the educational system, the mental health system, medical systems, juvenile justice systems, supports for a child who has Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, or other systems.  

If your child is experiencing needs related to a new or existing diagnosis, the COR Health Targeted Case Management (“TCM”) team will assist you with a variety of tasks.  We believe that the family is at the center of all we do, and we utilize a child and family centered wrap-around approach to our services.

For children experiencing needs with a chronic medical diagnosis, intellectual disability or behavioral health challenges our Targeted Case Managers will:

  • Listen without judgment to ensure our ClientFirst commitment is achieved

  • Partner with you to work towards improved QualityFirst outcomes for your family

  • Visit with you in your home and develop a comprehensive plan for treatment needs

  • Coordinative with physicians and specialists, making sure your team is working together and sharing information

  • Make referrals and assist families find providers

  • Provide school advocacy and support

  • Help access resources that improve the lives of both the child and family, including durable medical equipment

  • Assist with travel arrangements as needed for medical appointments

  • Utilize the COR Health Team of experienced RNs, LCSWs and other Health Professionals for consultation

A Children’s Targeted Case Manager is a professional covered by MaineCare health insurance to assist youth and their family in navigating, researching, connecting, and advocating within these systems, resulting in the varied needs of the family and youth being met and families being empowered to manage needs and sustain a higher quality of living.

Qualified TCM Staff

Given our sizable Pediatric Nursing population, we specialize in TCM for children with Chronic Medical Conditions and receive direct weekly consultation with our Pediatric Nurse Consultants.  This approach enables COR Health to deliver upon our QualityFirst philosophy for our youth and family.

Furthermore, COR Health is positioned to assist a diverse client population since our caregivers speak over 20 different languages, including languages with intricate dialects including Arabic, Cambodian, Somali, Spanish and Russian.

In addition, the COR Health Behavioral Services Team works closely and collaboratively with our Section 28 staff who provide services to children with intellectual impairments, autism, and behavioral health needs.  

The COR Health TCM program embodies a multi-disciplinary and wrap- around approach to care ensuring that when a youth and family are discharged they are empowered to most easily maintain any support, and advocate for the needs of their child most confidently.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Active Mainecare, Private Insurance, or the ability to Private Pay

  • Under 21 years of age

  • active mental health diagnosis or intellectual disability diagnosis

  • Major medical condition impacting the child’s functional ability

Our Targeted Case Management Services are funded by MaineCare and operate within the rules and regulations of Section 13.

To learn more about targeted case management services offered by COR Health, please contact us at 207-347-6106, email us at info@corhealthservices.com or complete our convenient Referral Form.