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Applied Behavioral Analytics

Through COR Health’s Specialized 28 Rehabilitative Community Support Services and Applied Behavioral Analytics, we apply a positive, strengths based, team approach with a focus on continuous improvement, empowerment, and achievement. COR Health is committed to utilizing evidence-based practices, providing trauma informed services, and being a co-occurring capable program.

Our Specialized 28 Rehabilitative Community Support Services are funded by MaineCare and operate within the rules and regulations of Section 28.

These treatment services are designed to retain or improve functional abilities which have been negatively impacted by the effects of cognitive or functional impairment and are focused on behavior modification and management, social development, and acquisition and retention of developmentally appropriate skills.

Our unique, AchieveFirst program is designed to assist families to achieve long term positive outcomes. The AchieveFirst team consists of the child and family, an experienced Behavioral Health Professional, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The COR Health team strives to identify areas of need by working together to eliminate barriers to care.

Services include:

  • Place the child and family at the center of the strengths-based planning process

  • Create individualized plan of care and work with the team to establish milestones and track progress

  • Work with the child on skill acquisition and transfer of skills between environments

  • Use problem solving activities in order to help develop and maintain skills and abilities necessary to manage behavior health treatment needs

  • Utilize tenets of applied behavioral analytics in treatment delivery

  • Collect and utilize data to inform treatment

  • Build upon the skills that will improve self-awareness, environmental awareness, social appropriateness and supporting social integration

The overall goal of these services is a demonstrated increase in: level of functioning, skill development, well-being, and stability in the home and community; as well as a decrease in maladaptive behaviors. 

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be an active MaineCare recipient

  • Be under 21 years of age

  • Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability or developmental disability

  • Functional assessment documenting functional impairment

  • Parental Involvement

COR Health is currently accepting referrals in the following locations: York County, Cumberland County, Androscoggin County, and Sagadahoc County.

To learn more about rehabilitative community support services offered by COR Health, please contact us at 207-347-6106, email us at info@corhealthservices.com or complete our convenient Referral Form.