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Adult Nursing Services

At COR Health, we offer a variety of Adult Nursing Services, customized to meet the needs of each individual adult client. We take the time to assess varying factors, including age and medical diagnosis. COR Health works with adult clients and their families to determine a plan of care that is individualized to provide optimal outcomes.

Due to technological advances, Adult Nursing Services in the home setting has become a viable alternative to living in a health care facility. Adults prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones, and today COR Health may provide the support to attain that goal.

COR Health Adult Nursing Services provides unique rewards and challenges. Each COR Health professional has extensive experience in the special challenges and rewards associated with adult home care.

For more than 10 years, we have been providing expert care to adults at home. COR Health’s focus has remained the same: to give the client the best care possible using a family centered approach.

The Benefits of Nursing Services

COR Health provides home healthcare services at all levels – from intermittent visits to extended continuous care. The level of home healthcare is beneficial to:

  • Clients with limited physical abilities that prefer their home environment
  • Clients suffering from a variety of illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, AIDS, infections, or other conditions that require frequent monitoring and nursing interventions
  • Clients who, due to physical or cognitive decline, may need assistance with tasks such as medication setups or administration

COR Health is available from our team of registered nurses who coordinate with the physician to provide consistent, high-quality care in the client’s home. Our dedication to providing excellent service will help:

  • Maintains independence of disabled or homebound clients
  • Provide smooth transition from hospital to home environment with continuity of care
  • Offer quality treatment in the security, privacy and comfort of the client’s home
  • Involve the family’s active input and support
  • Eliminate anxiety of continued hospitalization (for client and family)
  • Significantly reduce financial burden

Broad Array of Nursing Services

Adult Nursing Services from COR Health includes these services and more:

  • Assess and monitor health
  • Administer and adjust medications
  • Administer IV therapy and enteral feedings
  • Monitor vital signs, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol
  • Provide nutritional management, support and education
  • Educate clients about medications and disease process
  • Care for catheter and ostomy clients
  • Monitor hydration, bowel and bladder functions
  • Administer injections and perform laboratory testing
  • Care for wounds or disease-related injuries and conditions
  • Oversee pain management and end-of-life care
  • Monitor cardiac progress

Our Adult Nursing Services are provided by licensed, skilled medical professionals. If your client or loved one requires less medically-detailed care such as companionship, help with cooking and housekeeping, transportation to appoints, etc., then COR Health Home Care Services provided by our caregivers is the right level of service. Both types of service – Home Care and Nursing Services – can be combined to create a full range of services at the most efficient cost.

To learn more about adult nursing services offered by COR Health, please contact us at 207-347-6106, email us at info@corhealthservices.com or complete our convenient Referral Form.